LED lighting systems offered by us is the best choice for production facility, warehouse and office environment. The products on our offer will bring savings of up to 80% of energy. With our expertise we can know how to select the right equipment for individual needs of our customers. We provide warranty and post warranty service of all hardware we sell.

Our offering also includes upgrade of lighting designs and professional assembly of all products we offer by our skilled team of assembly technicians. The assortment we sell includes state-of-the-art lighting solutions in LED technology.  We will welcome all customers interested in our services and all potential business partners seeking to involve in distribution of high quality LED lighting systems.



Why LED lighting?

  • Energy efficiency - LED lighting solutions are much more energy efficient than all traditional light sources including solutions based compact fluorescent lamps.
  • Durability - LED bulbs by far outrank durability of any other lighting solutions. Average LED bulb durability is 30 000 hours of operation. It is important to notice that lighting system durability depends on a number of factors, including the power feeding of individual light sources.
  • Colour Rendering Index - LED lighting features much better Colour Rendering Index – (0.7-0.9)
  • Resistance - LED lighting is much better resistant, including resistance to impact, shock, vibration as well as impact of the environment, i.e. resistance to weather conditions.
  • Free from IR radiation emission
  • Free from UV radiation emission
  • Turn on and off time - the turn on and off time for LED bulbs is much shorter. The former is below 100 ns, the latter never exceeds 200 ns. With traditional lighting systems (based on discharge lamps) the turn off time can be as long as several minutes.
  • No flickering effect - much better performance profile of LED lighting when compared to traditional light sources - such as fluorescent lamps. Thus LED lighting does not cause the eye light strain effect
  • Safety - significantly increased safety due to power supply voltage (12V / 24V - for some light sources). In addition LED lighting is intrinsically safe; lack of intrinsic safety in case of traditional light sources may cause explosion and - as a consequence - induce fire
  • Environmental footprint - significant reduction of CO2 emission LED lighting is free from heavy metals, contrary to traditional light sources. Thus recycling costs of LED lighting is lower - LED equipment is considered WEEE for disposal purposes

Light control system - DALI

Automatic control of light intensity


Simplicity of design and installation

Easy configuration

Two-way communication

Integration with superordinate systems


Light control system - DALI


The DALI light control system is an open protocol, referred to in IEC (EN) 60929. DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) is a voltage digital interface and may support as many as 64 ballasts (luminaries) per one circuit. When designing electric installation it is recommended to provide for some reasonable reserve and stay at no more than 50 ballasts (luminaries) per one circuit. DALI protocol is a voltage protocol since it communicates by alternating the voltage values, where ”0” state falls into range (0V-4.5V) and “1” state falls into range (6.5V – 16V) hence when designing a lighting installation the conductor used must ensure that voltage drop within the DALI busbar does not exceed 2V. Following this rule will guarantee interference free installation.


  • Automatic control of light intensity based on the intensity of natural daylight.

When designing lighting installation for buildings or storage facilities the number of skylights in the ceiling must be considered as well as maximum utilisation of natural day light for space illumination. The benefits of natural day light penetrating through windows will compensate the inconvenience of additional space heating. With advanced control system, proper arrangement of detectors within the skylight zones may generate savings of up to 45%.


Control system in production facilities involves fitting a skylight with a light intensity sensor and arranging individual lighting scenes based on its indication. DALI control system will make it possible to set individual luminaries to 205, 50% or 80% of rated power.


  • Automatic control of light intensity via motion sensors.

A control system will dim the light when aisles are empty. Dimming means energy savings however still leaving the space illuminated enough to ensure visual comfort.


In most warehouses aisles between racks are free from any traffic even 90% of time. Dimming the light to 20% of rated power in these empty spaces may bring savings of even 80%.


Control installations in high storage facilities can be based on appropriate sensors.



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